What Can VIP Do For You?

What Can VIP Do For You?

As a building owner, property manager or building engineer, you must ask yourself how in the world are you going to keep all the laws, regulations, and standards straight? How do you keep on top of it all? Over and over again, you will find that having knowledgeable contractors as your vendors is the way to go. Window cleaning is no different.

The cause of increasing safety in our industry has been VIP Window Cleaning’s crusade for over a decade. Some of the things that VIP can do for you include:

The questions you may want to ask the other vendor…
  1. Can you facilitate and schedule the required inspections?
  2. Are you enrolled in the International Window Cleaning certification program and do you have any window cleaners that have completed the certification process?
  3. Are you an active member of the International Window Cleaning Association and do you attend there safety training seminars?
  4. Do you ensure proper rigging and safety procedures with a full-time Compliance Manager?
  5. Do you have an in-house safety training program?
  6. Do you have your own quality control manager or do you require the property manager to oversee the quality of your work?
  7. Do you provide an Operational Plan of Service (OPOS)?
  8. Do you have signed and logo-ed work trucks?
  9. How will you educate building engineers and management regarding all pertinent standards and regulations?
  10. Can you provide $6,000,000 worth of liability insurance?

Window Cleaning

• Commercial & High Rise Buildings
• Caulking and Waterproofing
• Hard Water Removal
• Glass Sealing
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