Holiday Safety tips for your Building


At VIP Building Services we are often found on the outside looking in at your building.

Sometimes this perspective helps us see opportunities for improvement and safety measures to improve your facilities and limit your liabilities.

Depending on your type of facility the holiday season often includes setup and teardown of specialty lighting, decorations, party rooms, food and beverage and many other non-traditional building operations. The facilities are “on display” and utilized by groups within and without your normal control.

If you didn’t learn your lesson from Clark Griswold, holiday decorating can be dangerous. Last year, an estimated 13,000 people in the US were hurt involving holiday decorations. That’s up from 10,000 in 2007.At VIP we can help you provide a safe and clean environment to maximize the safety of your facility both before and after the holidays. The VIP Building Services team can provide cleaning and high dusting for interior and exterior areas, power washing of walkways and party areas, and dozens of other services to insure that you have the safest possible holiday season.

I-14 Safety Compliance

The window cleaning business could also be referred to as the building access business. Anyone can put soap on glass and wipe it off, but few have the expertise to safely and effectively access the outside of high-rise buildings, while complying with all pertinent codes and standards.

Let one of our VIP experts stop by for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

By the way the smudge on the window that we can’t seem to remove is on your side!